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More Paris Sketchbook Pages: October 24

I am very slow getting sketchbook pages posted from our Fall Paris Vacation.  I love Degas, and as my husband and friends were going through the D'Orsay, I stopped at the Degas sculptures - and sketched.  The patina on this wonderful sculpture was very unusual, and I'm not sure that I captured it in paint.  


I vividly remember loving his sculptures of dancers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when I was a college student, in part because most of my life I have taken dance classes and in college was a member of the dance group 


After the D'Orsay we walked along the Blvd San Michel to Luxembourg Gardens and the Sorbonne.  A wonderful day! 



Thanks for sharing your lovely work. Nice to imagine you two in paris!

Interesting Degas sculpture. Now I know why you like dancers so much!

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