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December 11, 2019

Our Grandson's Bar Mitzvah

Thirteen years ago my husband and I were racing across the Atlantic when our daughter was admitted to a London hospital 6 weeks before our grandson Callum was due.  She had excellent care and when he was born 6 days later he was small but healthy.   Now he is a smart, talented, handsome, and loveable guy - and his Bar Mitzvah was impressive.  We were able to take a few photos before the guests arrived - practicing his Torah reading and standing in the gorgeous synagogue.

Congratulations Callum.  We love you so much!  



Before the guests arrived:  One photo to show the beautiful stained glass windows, and Callum, to remember the gorgeous setting for the event. 


Several days before the Bar Mitzvah our NYC Urban Sketchers group met in this synagogue - one of many houses of worship we visit to sketch in December.  I sketched, but haven't painted those sketchbook pages yet. 


December 6, 2019

Getting Ready for Christmas

This morning I put all of the ornaments I made since 1976 on our Christmas Tree.  I have so many memories as I add each one.  Each year I made approximately 24 - one for each of our children, one for our tree, and 20 to give away as small gifts.  I race against the clock to make them now, and I make the same one for each of our 8 grandchildren, one for us, and a few spares.


Our grandson Callum likes to look at their tree and ours, and pick out one that the children don't have yet.  This year he wanted an ornament with a pair of embroidered cats.  But we settled on one cat per ornament.  Here is my work in progress.  The pair of cats is the original - made in 1983 and yellowed with age - like us! 


I sketched the pattern from a 1981 issue of Holiday Crafts, and saved the patterns. 


Years ago I made a Teesha Moore 16 page watercolor pamphlet book from a single 22 X 30" sheet of 140lb paper and started to draw and paint all of my handmade ornaments.  I now have 45 painted in the book and need to make another book.



December 3, 2019

Paris Musee Picasso

I really like Picasso, especially his non-cubist drawings, paintings, ceramics etc.   We missed the reopening of the Picasso Museum 5 years ago, and I was very interested in seeing the renovated space and collection.  The building is gorgeous, and they maintained the entry and grand staircase.  The galleries seem bigger.  But I quickly realized that I see so much of Picasso's art in NYC, especially at the twice yearly Impressionist and Modern Auctions, that the museum was a little disappointing.   Half of the 4 floors were devoted to a large series of "magical portraits," which was more cubist than representational.  I read that there are 5000 pieces in the museum collection and only 10-15% are on view at any one time.


But on one of the upper floors they have a movie with Picasso doing line sketches with paint from behind a sheet of glass - and I've always loved seeing his movie.

These are a few of the drawings I did as we went through the exhibits.  The Owl was a large ceramic sculpture - probably close to owl size.  The sleeping girl was one of a series of small, fast drawings in pencil. on a single sheet  And the other sketchbook page of scribbles were culled from a small series of his artworks.  

Picasso Owl and Girl Sleeping



More Little Scribbles


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