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Paris Musee Picasso

I really like Picasso, especially his non-cubist drawings, paintings, ceramics etc.   We missed the reopening of the Picasso Museum 5 years ago, and I was very interested in seeing the renovated space and collection.  The building is gorgeous, and they maintained the entry and grand staircase.  The galleries seem bigger.  But I quickly realized that I see so much of Picasso's art in NYC, especially at the twice yearly Impressionist and Modern Auctions, that the museum was a little disappointing.   Half of the 4 floors were devoted to a large series of "magical portraits," which was more cubist than representational.  I read that there are 5000 pieces in the museum collection and only 10-15% are on view at any one time.


But on one of the upper floors they have a movie with Picasso doing line sketches with paint from behind a sheet of glass - and I've always loved seeing his movie.

These are a few of the drawings I did as we went through the exhibits.  The Owl was a large ceramic sculpture - probably close to owl size.  The sleeping girl was one of a series of small, fast drawings in pencil. on a single sheet  And the other sketchbook page of scribbles were culled from a small series of his artworks.  

Picasso Owl and Girl Sleeping



More Little Scribbles


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