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FIGUARY: February Daily Figure Drawing Challenge

Love Life Drawing and Croquis Café, both You Tube channels you can subscribe to, sponsored a daily challenge this month.  Kenzo gave 4-5 minute lessons at Love Life Drawing, and Larry Withers introduced the model session at Croquis Café, each day.   The models posed for three 1 min, two 2 min, and one 5 minute pose.  Obviously you could pause the video for as long as you wanted, but I tried to finish the drawing in the allotted time, and usually just had to pause for another minute with the 1 minute poses.  These are a few poses I really loved drawing.  Kenzo said that all of the videos would remain indefinitely. 

In the first images, I made a quick sketch in pencil and then finished it in ink after the time was up.   In the second images I sketched in pencil, and then darkened a few lines after the sketch was done.  Even if I paused the video, I never took more than 20 - 25 minutes for all 6 sketches, probably because I used small scrap papers for all of them.  This was so enjoyable that I only missed several days so far.



Figuary B


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