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May 11, 2018

Figure Drawing May 9th - Dominant Hand

This was our 2nd Battery Park City Figure Al Fresco session for 2018, and I had one more page left in my Non-Dominant Hand Sketchbook.  My plan was to draw with my non-dominant right hand, scan and resize the image, and collage it onto that last page.  I had 2 Sketch and Wash Pencils and my waterbrush in my left hand, when the model began his 2 minute warm up poses, and without realizing it, I sketched him with my dominant left hand without even realizing it!  I was both happy and sad - happy that I could comfortably use my injured wrist for drawing, and sorry that my enforced challenge with my other hand could be ending. 

Five Minute Pose



Ten Minute Poses:


May 8, 2018

Non-Dominant Hand Drawings: May 4-7

My cast is off, and my "Non-Dominant Hand Drawing Sketchbook" only has one more empty page.  But I definitely need physical therapy to use my dominant hand without pain.  Yesterday was my first session of 6.  These were "line of action" drawings done over 3 days, after my breakfast.  I will probably continue these, but really need to try to capture people in action, not just still photo images, now that the weather is nicer.  I also miss painting with colors, and need to paint several spring flower drawings that are in my watercolor sketchbook.


May 4, 2018

Non-Dominant Hand Drawings: May 2nd

I saw my hand physician yesterday, and my cast was removed!  It will take me several more weeks, and some hand physical therapy, before the residual pain is gone.  I'm thrilled!  And I only have a few more pages before I finish my Non-Dominant Hand Drawing Sketchbook. This was a wonderful way to stay happy for these 6 weeks.  Thanks again Maureen.  It was a brilliant gift that gave me the push I needed! 

Wednesday was the first day of the Battery Park City Adult Art Programs.  It was a gorgeous day, and the flowers in Wagner Park were wonderful.  NY Harbor was busy, with ferries and other boats zipping around. 

Figure Al Fresco is an outdoor figure drawing session with clothed models, and it was a great way for me to test my recent drawing skills with my non-dominant hand.  I used a Sketch and Wash pencil and waterbrush for these drawings, each of which took about 10 minutes total.


More Poses done before the above ones.  They were 5 minute poses, and I fiddled around with them with my waterbrush for several more minutes.



May 1, 2018

Non-Dominant Hand Drawings: April 26-30th

Koosje Koene:  It was great watching Koosje do a session in Sketchbook Revival.  I used an 05 graphite mechanical pencil to draw her while she talking and a Sketch and Wash pencil without water to add graphite to her blouse.  This sketch and the one of Danny Gregory were my greatest challenges while drawing with my non-dominant hand.  I am a regular student in Sketchbook Skool, and love them both.  My cast will probably be removed on Thursday, and then I'll need some PT.


New York City Ballet Dancer and Coppelia doll drawn from Programs when we went to 2 wonderful dress rehearsals last Thursday.  The company dancers and the choreography was so fast that a quick sketch from observation was impossible, especially in the dark!


Silver Elephant Bank, a baby gift for our first child many, many years ago: I'm surprised that it escaped my attention for the many years that I've been drawing household items.



Two bottles from our kitchen for my after-breakfast sketching:  And I needed practice drawing straight lines.


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