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Non - Dominant Hand Drawings April 7th and 8th

I sketched this angel from a wonderful fabric angel, carrying a gift basket. I was given her many years ago by a special friend.  On Friday my hand surgeon told me I may still need an operation on my wrist, and he wants to see more Xrays this week.  I'm hoping for the best.


Yesterday I went to draw at a Museum for the first time since my injury.   This drawing was done of a life-size figure from the "Like Life  Sculpture, Color, and the Body."  I sketched standing, holding my sketchbook on my casted arm, and held my pencil with my non-dominant hand.  I used a pencil so I could sit down to add ink, with two different pens, and rest my sketchbook on my lap.  This was my challenge for this week - all my previous drawings since my fracture were done sitting down.



Your lines with your non-dominant hand are getting more confident. Hope you don't need surgery.

We are all hoping for the best for you. The drawings continue to reflect your style. Best wishes.

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