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Sketching in Classes at Houston Quilt Festival

I sketched each of the class teachers during their introductory remarks.  This is Glennis Dolce, who taught us about real Indigo dye, and set up a dye vat for us to use for the day.  I selected 3 of the fabric samples to photograph and collage on the page: 

Top Sample -pole wrapped shibori dying silk. 

Bottom - Stitched shibori in which we hand stitched and "gathered" the fabric before dying, The fabric resists the dye where stitched. 


Cindy Lohbeck:  These photos were from one of the two classes I took with her.  We folded and clamped fabric between two identical shaped plastic templates, and then dyed them with a synthetic Indigo procion MX dye.  The yellow tinged areas are actually white, but I couldn't maintain that when photographing.


Lisa Louise Adams:  A bookbinder from Hawaii.  I loved the book that we made in class, but also was inspired by many of the various types of her books that she  brought for us to examine and photograph. 


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