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Camp Letter Mail Art

Three of our grandchildren are in summer camp and each year I try to send them one letter each week.  Last year I started adding drawings of Axel, an imaginary character that one of my grandchildren said came here from the moon.  Axel drawings appear periodically and I even expanded the original illustration for my final project in my illustration course.  Axel is dressed in orange.

Axel and Friends


Letter Envelope for Week 1 Letter from me to the kids:  


Envelopes from Letters 2nd week:  We see camp photos of them daily and I used three favorites to draw Axel participating in the same sports as in their photos.


My oldest grandchild told me that he tore the Axel drawing off the first envelope and hung it up in his bunk for the summer.  That makes me happy! 


You are such a good grandma. I have much to learn.

How cute is this!

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