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Venice Sketchbook Pages - 2012

Painting some Venice scenes from my photos from an earlier visit helped me fill my sketchbook during my 2012 visit.  I don't know why I had such a "fear of failure" before our visit, perhaps my love of the city would make it hard for me to even paint the first page.  Instead I concentrated on just capturing our visit by painting what was in front of me, as a visual memory, instead of looking for the iconic Venice sketches (like Basilica San Marco).

Here are a few of my sketchbook pages from that visit - reposted.

View from our rental apartment living room: 



Campo Santa Margherita where we stopped one afternoon for a glass of wine:



Gondolier Fashions sketched over several days:



One of many gorgeous masks in a lit store window as we were returning late one evening from dinner:



A 7AM trip to the Rialto Market to buy fish for dinner:



An early morning walk and a quick sketch of "Salute," leaning on a garden wall on the opposite side of the Grand Canal: 



Love seeing your Venice sketches. They remind me of my time there. A friend of mine is there right now posting her sketches.

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