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Picasso Sculpture Class

Before going to my last Watercolor class, I spent the afternoon at a Museum of Modern Art class related to the amazing Picasso Sculpture exhibit.  We spent an hour in the exhibit with a museum educator discussing individual sculptures and techniques.  In the second hour we went to a classroom, did 3 fast preliminary exercises, and then made our own sculpture using paper, cardboard, and tape.

Exercise 1 - make a sheet of copy paper into a 3D object.

Exercise 2 - Turn 2 pieces of 5X5" cardboard into one 3D object using scissors.

Exercise 3 - Attach one 5 X 5" cardboard square, perpendicularly, to another, using tape.  I folded each piece in half, like an "L", and then put the upright parts of the "Ls" together, back to back, with tape.  This was a very stable structure, with a base and a perpendicular strong upright piece.  I extended the idea for my original sculpture.

We were given black paper, brown cardboard, black tape, and a piece of white corrugated paper, and were asked to make the materials into a sculpture related to us personally.  So I had to include my imaginary friend Axel.  The black triangle is the front part of the base like I created in Exercise 3.

It was so interesting that the 3 simple preliminary exercises were like short pose warm-up figure drawings, and opened our minds and warmed up our hands! 



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