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June 12, 2015

Continued Adventures of My Alien

I am still doing my 100 Day Project (Daily Drawings From My Imagination).  Recent ones feature my Alien which developed during a Sketchbook Skool Child's Play homework assignment.  He is the star of the series and I am having fun playing with this concept.  Truthfully, I find other types of drawings from my imagination are still difficult.  But I have a whole new appreciation for the process of channeling a muse and creating something from nothing - almost unconsciously.  But my Alien and his girlfriend continue to explore, and in the process try understand the world around them.  I think they need names and would love some suggestions.   


Alien and Owl:  Is someone talking to me?


Alien and Shower:  Wonder what this knob does?


Alien and Flowers:  Can I eat this?


Alien and Hats:  I don't think any of these hats will fit me.


Aliens and Waiting:  What is supposed to happen?


Alien and Books:  What are those for and do they taste good?


Aliens and Cupcake:  I think those are bugs.


June 9, 2015

Beach Sketchbook - Part 2

We are still at the beach, for the 7th annual beach visit with two other couples.  Our husbands met in 1965, so they are friends of 50 years!  We love early morning beach walks on these wonderful wide, and almost empty beaches (at that hour).  Two of us collect all sorts of things on the beach and we regularly see types of shells, and unknown marine life washed up which generates lots of questions and Google image searches.  Sometimes my friend Sara and I sketch at the beach.  Other times we wait until we're home and paint the landscape.  Here are two beach photos that I love and my 2 most recent landscape "at-home" sketchbook pages.





View From the Sunroom:



View at the End of the Pool: 



June 5, 2015

Vacation at the Beach


These are two of the sketchbook pages that I did since our arrival at the beach. 

We have many little rabbits and one Mom running around the backyard.  I collect shells on the beach, but never saw a sand dollar before today.  Over the years I've taken many photos of the gulls for sketches, but today my friend gave me this great photo that she took for my drawing.




June 2, 2015

Drawings From My Imagination With My Alien

I posted this Fabio Consoli Sketchbook Skool homework assignment previously.  My grandson Zach sketched the blue figure on the right, and then I collaged it in my sketchbook, using it as inspiration to complete a drawing from my imagination - always remembering that this was supposed to be "child's play." 


I liked my little alien and now I draw him all the time in my 100 day project "drawings from my imagination."  Here are a series of quick drawings in which my little alien appears. 














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