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Drawing with Dip Pen and Ink Washes

We are still drawing with dip pens, ink, brush, and ink washes in my drawing class.  I really like this technique, and love my Brause steno nib.  It is the first nib I bought, among many, that is not scratchy, holds a reasonable amount of ink, and is somewhat flexible.  I did two drawings this week, a still life to celebrate Spring, and a plaster bust.





My Professor said that it is great experience to draw white plaster casts because all of the variation in values is due purely to light. I keep raiding the prop room to pull out what I want to draw, instead of the suggested models/still life.  Three more weeks of this class and the ink drawings are my favorite part of the experience so far.


Beautifully done, Shirley. Really like your ink drawings.

Great studies, I'm interested in how you do the light shading, do you use a brush?

Ha just re read and you mentioned brush and wash so question answered! :D

I love your shading technique with this medium -- subtle in places and then very strong in others. And the basis for it all is some really strong drawing!

I was just writing about sketching from statues, Shirley! This is lovely...

You just reminded me that I've wanted to play with the dip nib, too, and ink wash. They beckon to an earlier age and still have great results. Nice work.

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