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Art Goals for 2015

January 4th is the 9th anniversary of my blog and it is a good time for me to think about how I will spend the next year improving my skills and interacting with artists online art community and locally. 

Long Term Goals: Develop better drawing and painting skills on paper and with dye-painting and surface design on fabric.

Goals for 2015: To sketch and paint everyday, and to blog twice each week These activities give my retirement life some structure and provide enormous inspiration within an artist community. 

1. Take more classes online and in person to remain inspired:

I’m already enrolled in this year’s "Studying Under the Masters" course, but didn’t plan to start it until January.

I am registered for two Craftsy Classes one in Drawing and the other Watercolor.

I will take the Strathmore Class on Hand Lettering and Calligraphy, but have little interest in the other two this year.

I will register for Sketchbook Skool Semester 4 as soon as it is announced.

I will register for the Spring Semester at Fashion Institute of Technology, but won’t know which course I will take until registration day in January.

2. Continue to draw and paint locally: I meet regularly with the Central Park Drawing and Art Meet-up group, the NYC-Urban Sketchers Weekday Group, and my good friends Teri, Benedicte, and Pat. I would feel very isolated without them! There are multiple drop-in sites for Figure Drawing in NYC and I will attend one of them at least monthly.

3. Make watercolor sketchbooks, for daily drawing and painting and travel:

I will continue to make books - lots of books of different types.

I am registered for a Craftsy class on Dye Resists for making new bookcloth for my sketchbooks. I already have used many of the resists on a regular basis, but this class will restart my "dye lab" for 2015. I’m down to my last piece of dyed cloth!

I also need to make another batch of paste paper to use for covering bookboards and/or as endpapers.

All of these goals are really just a continuation of my goals for the last several years. I love the variety in my schedule and each of these activities brings me enormous pleasure. There will be other opportunities that I haven’t even imagined yet, and I will remain flexible and open to taking small risks! 

I'd love to read what others are planning.... 





I can always count on you to organize the year into goals! So far my art goals are to sketch something every day and to do the weekly Documented Life Project.

The Sketchbook Skool has three sessions, $99 each. This seems to be the fourth year of it. Did you take and like previous years?

Wow, what wonderful and ambitious goals! I have seen your art grow so much and am grateful to have met you. Thank you for sharing your art, travels and photos of those beautiful grandchildren.

I feel very fortunate that after many of years of doing art on my own and not painting with anyone since the late '70s-early '80s, when I went to the Art Students' League, I now am attending both the Central Park Meetup and the Saturday Urban Sketchers NYC and regularly sketching with others. It is great to be part of a community of artists.

My goals for this year:

Try to create my own blog and post my art regularly

Take Painting on Silk again at FIT this spring

Draw more during the work day (on the train, lunchtime, while waiting) Inspired by the Urban Sketchers who draw while they eat or drink!

Draw/paint every weekend

Get back into oil painting as well as continue watercolors

Thank you Shirley and Pat for your blogs and inspiration!


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