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Happy Holidays!

About 25 years ago, while we were still living in San Antonio, Tx, my Quilting Friends and I made many Christmas ornaments for each other.  We made one for each member of our group, and then my dearest friend's husband made us all these Swedish Wooden Christmas Trees.  We put it up in our dining room in New York City each year, and I love all the special memories associated with those friends.  My grand daughter Sydney puts all the ornaments on each year and someday it will move to her home at Christmas.

I hope you have wonderful holidays and a very happy and creative 2015.  As I finish preparations for our family gathering, I'm already reflecting on what creative things I did in 2014 and what I'd like to do in 2015. 



I love the tree. I am going to ask my own woodworker to try and create one like it for me. It's perfect and no needles to vacuum up later. I have enough handmade ornaments to fill this twice over and I rarely dig them all out. It's time I sorted them once and for all. They are my favorites after all these years. I will fill a box of the commercial ones and gift it to a charity.

I loved yours so much I asked my son to make me one last year. Now I need to get going on making the ornaments! Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy all your babies.

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