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Home From Paris

We just returned from a wonderful week in Paris, and I'm thrilled that I have a travel sketchbook from our visit.  I recycled an Atget B&W photography book as a sketchbook and before we went I created 2x2" squares in a grid for each day, a map of Ile Saint Louis where we rented an apartment, and a double spread as a calendar.

Here are those completed pages. 


This is the double spread with the grid - where I painted some small reminder of each day,




I painted a map of Ile Saint Louis before we left and then added the locations of the places I wanted to remember. 


I prepared a double spread to keep a brief calendar for each day, which includes the weather, and events in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  Here is a sample of the completed page for our first 4 days.


While we were there I painted some of my favorite scenes, an early Picasso gouache on brown paper, some quick portraits of my husband, and 4 homework assignments from the first 2 weeks of sketchbook skool.  I'll organize these and post them next week.  This was our 11th trip to Paris over 44 years and the only one for which I kept a travel sketchbook!  I still took hundreds of photos, but the sketchbook pages are so much more meaningful. 



Great sketches, Shirley. Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

Welcome back! I see you had a great time and even bought FABRIC!! I will be seeing some of those places in less than a month! Can't wait to hear more about your wonderful adventures!

I think this is a marvelous record of your trip. Love the way you planned your pages in advance - I never would have thought of that - and the sketches are wonderful! What a memory!

What a fantastic sketch book, you had some great ideas and planned it so well. I'm going to try the grid on my next trip!

Glad to hear that you are home safely and had a good trip. Can't wait to see your Paris sketches! I don't think I will ever travel again without sketching. Your first trip to Paris where you kept a travel sketchbook -- so happy for you!

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