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Holiday Weekend

We are at the beach with our children and grandchildren - except for the 3 who are at sleep-away camp.  I spent more time organizing drawing and painting for them than I did working in my own sketchbook.  This is Zachary and Annabelle who were painting shells that Annabelle found on the beach with me in the early morning.



I finished painting the group of birds that we saw at our friends' birdfeeder in Martha's Vineyard at the end of June.



And I painted one very long sea gull feather that we found on a beach walk in the mist and fog. 


We are going home tomorrow and then I need to do some catching up! 


After the picture of the grandchildren, the feather is my favorite:)

Love your birds, shirley. Nice page.

Love seeing pics of the kids! You are having some lovely beach weather.

A lovely idea for the grandkids to do and they learn about nature too!

Once again, I love everything. My oldest grandchildren (6, 7 & 4) are interested in painting. Aren't we the luckiest people ever!

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