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Sketchbook Skool - The Rest of My Selfies

We finished our week with Koosje Koene in Sketchbook Skool and I did most, but not all of my homework.  Today I'm posting another selfie from a mirror, and one from a photo.  The first ones from a mirror and photo were in my last post.



We also were supposed to do two continuous line contour drawings from a mirror and here are those 2.



I didn't do #7 - which is a selfie from my imagination.  Since all of these could have been from my imagination, since the resemblance is questionable, I declared myself done with my homework.

Here is a picture of my daughter and I for comparison....



I think I will persist with these selfie drawings and paintings.  I was so inspired by see Koosje's Selfie sketchbook and seeing how creative she was - both with changes in facial expressions and props.  And as she says, "you always have a model" - and just need to think of it as play!  And I hope I will slowly get better at "seeing."



Yes, I needed permission to draw selfies, duh. She is right, I always have a model. Plan to continue this line of study. And isn't it right-the different emotions that one can capture!

Well I am sure glad that I didn't do that Sketchbook Skool thing - self-portraits are tough!! You have done a fine job. I like the pencil sketches. And your selfies in the last post are good too. As for one line contour drawings - sheeez, what for?! I think I'd be a lousy student these days. lol.

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