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Flowers in Central Park

I am taking Mary Ann Moss' online class SEWN - and last weekend I painted patterns for the class each morning at a lovely outdoor café in Central Park.  I had great fun spontaneously painting - loosely - and with watercolor, gouache,, watercolor crayons, markers, and calligraphy pens.  These were lovely mornings,  the flowers were in full bloom, and I painted a few. 

I feel so fortunate to have lovely flowers and an amazing Park in the middle of this big city.





these are lovely works---pretty hard to pick a favorite but I'll give it a go..the droopy daisey

These are lovely! I enjoyed seeing your book making projects too :-)

Lovely sketches of flowers, Shirley. Well done.

So very lovely.

These are lovely :)

your jaunts to central park sound so wonderful to this LA resident. idyllic.
a good friend of mine is there now directly opposite central park in a hotel with her dog. she drove from LA to NYC. giant summer road trip. anyway she is loving taking her (big) pooch for walks in C.P.

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