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More Elephants

I'm still drawing/painting elephants when I am home for the day and have 3 more to post today.  These were all done with different tools, to challenge myself to use more of the art supplies I accumulated over the last few years.

Yesterday I read Laure Ferlita's blog post about "Luring Back Her Muse" and realized that my elephant project is how I am doing the same thing.  I got to the point during these winter days where I was inspired to draw when out and about, but bored and apathetic when home. 

Elephant 6 was drawn with warm gray and black Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils and then painted with water. 


Elephant 7 was drawn with a Zebra Sarasa Clip 07 Brown gel pen and then painted with water.  I have several brown pens to use for drawing and I tested their water solubility, finally selecting this one for the pale color that I could achieve.


Elephant # 8 was drawn with a black Zig Millenium pen and then "painted" with a black Neocolor II watersoluble wax pastel - the only candidate in my box of 10 crayons.


I still need to try other tools that I have, including inks and dip pens, acrylic paints, oil pastels, pan pastels, and a variety of pencils that I hate using - including charcoal and Conte.  This project turned out to be fun and that was my intention.  These cold winter days mean that I am busy at home and less likely to get inspiration from walks/trips around New York City.


These are delightful, Shirley!

3 more great ones! You're doing very well on these.

Wonderful elephants that you have captured. And great idea to push yourself to use more of the tools you already have - good hint to me!! These are all great, but my favorite is #6. What a great pose!

Nothing like working in a series to fuel inspiration and creativity!

Love your elephants and that you did them in different art tools.

Great elephants, Shirley! I feel just that like that too - itching during the day to get home to create, but then it is so cold outside that I just want to snuggle under a blanket. Good for you for trying out different tools to get you going again.

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