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Happy New Year!


We had our annual New Year's Eve Party and Overnight for our 5 New York grandchildren.  The 6th one here in the City is 3 months old and spent the night with his other Grandmother.  We've now had the party enough times that we actually have some rituals - and taking a picture in the new glasses is one of them.  This year the 2013 design had blinking lights which you can see here.

I'm still managing to sketch in spite of busy days and too many other projects.  But I'm frustrated that I can't capture better images of my family.  I've sketched my Mother when sitting with her many times over the past few years.  Most of the sketches look alike, just not like her.  Here are the ones I made in the last month. 


This one was made during a recent brief hospitalization.  She is 93 and had several very small strokes in the last 4 months - mainly affecting her memory.




I definitely need to go back to my Live Figure Drawing sessions this week!




What a great time, Shirley! As for the sketches of your mother, I think they are lovely. Likeness may not be achieved, but you'll remember the time during which it was sketched and that can be priceless.

Aw, what a cute group of party goers! How great that you have these little ones close enough to enjoy regularly!
As for your family portraits, I think it's hard because in your mind you KNOW what they look like and may not look as carefully at them while you're drawing as you do when it's someone you aren't so familiar with. But you're doing great anyway, and I hope you'll just keep on keeping on!

I know sketching my mother is hard.. I never seem to get the likeness. But after putting them away for awhile..then looking at them again...the memories come flooding back. Now, my husband is a different story... LOL

You make the gatherings so fun and special for the grandchildren. Those lucky kids. Your sketches of your mom are treasures.

I always love seeing your grandkids :) Lovely sketches of your mom

I struggle with drawing hands too (among many other things), but I have to say you did a wonderful job with these. I don't know why it's so much harder to draw them from life. Drawing all the sign language moves was inspired! I love the sketches of your mother and hope she's doing better now. And, yes, being close enough to your grandchildren to see them often is a gift. Lucky you! nancy

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