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Figure Drawing - December 2012

I finally returned to live figure drawing!  It is one of my favorite art activities and I promise myself sessions once each month.  After September, we were on vacation, the City was recovering from Hurricane Sandy, and my husband and I moved my Mother to a nursing home and closed up her apartment.  I didn't know what to expect when I returned, but I loved one of the models and thoroughly enjoyed drawing her.  She was tall, thin, and extremely flexible.  And she had a fabulous head of hair!

 2 Minute Poses, including multiple head drawings as I concentrated on her face and hair.



5 Minute Poses:



10 Minute Pose:


20 Minute Pose:




Gee, is there anything more that you could pack into your days? Yes, isn't it nice to get back to figure drawing:)

I also missed life drawing in october and november - and I miss it so much! great job! xo L.

wonderful life drawings.

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