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Prague - 2012

Prague is a beautiful city.  It was the least WWII damaged of the 4 cities that we visited on vacation and the block building style of the Soviet era is not visible when you are in the oldest parts of town. 

I took this photo from the old town side of the Vltava River - showing the Prague Castle area up on the hill.


This photo was taken of the Old Town area from the very famous and beautiful Charles Bridge.


We started our visit with a free, 3 hour walking tour of the highlights of Old Town.  Tour companies offer these walking tours, and the group leader receives only tips.  It was fabulous!  We didn't sign up for any of their paid tours, but many people did before the free tour even ended.  Seems like a great business model for New York City! 

I enjoy reflecting on the tours, and here is my sketchbook page following that morning.  The link for the tours is <http://www.neweuropetours.com>.

Walking Tour of Prague


I was in love with the City the minute that I walked into Old Town Square.  But I'm only posting one architectural sketch that I did.  Here is the dome of St. Vitus Cathedral, in the middle of the Prague Castle District. 



On our final afternoon in Prague, we took a Walking Tour of Prague's Jewish Quarter http://www.Wittman-tours.com.  This was the same company that took the 4 of in a van, with a private guide, to Lidice and Terezin (see earlier blog post).  I walked and sketched on the Jewish Quarter tour, including many of the hats that Jews were required to wear over centuries, and a quick sketch of our tour leader.





Wonderful! I feel like I have been along with you on your tour. Your drawings and notes are great. You have certainly captured your holiday on paper.

I was watching the flooding happening in Venice on the weather channel and thought of the beautiful way you captured their architecture. You must have been exhausted after your 3 hour tour.

I'd really like to visit Prague, your descriptions sound good. I sometimes do a walking tours and guided trips for English speaking tourists,your free tour sounds like a good marketing idea!

gorgeous sketches! I heard Prague is such a pretty city! Gotta go there someday

It is interesting how comfortable you were in this city. Again, thanks for the tour.

Great sketching! From the picture and sketches, it looks like a sketching paradise. The city layout looks much more interesting than a typical American city.

I love how you draw the little maps. Would it be possible to elaborate a little on how you do them? They must probably very labor intensive... Do you use real maps to get there?

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