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Figure al Fresco

I haven't been to the weekly outdoor figure drawing session since July due to travel and weather and next week have jury duty!  Guess I will sketch fellow jurors and maybe even complete my Faces project.  

I'm posting the information again for those who live close enough to participate in this free city park program.


I'm just uploading a few of many sketches this morning.  We did ten 1 minute poses, five 2 minute poses, five 5 minute poses, one 10 and one 20 minute pose. 

These are two minute poses - and I was pleased that they seemed to flow easily after a month with no practice.


The others are my 10 and 20 minute poses.  In both of these graphite drawings the model's left knee is bent back completely.




You help me to observe the figure as I prepare to go to class tomorrow. Nice pieces.

Beautiful, graceful movement in your beach sketches Shirley.

I love all these drawings - and the quick poses have such immediacy and reality and life. I'd love to be able to capture people like that - must practise!

Lovely sketches !!You are quite good at respecting proportions and catching the model's attitude !

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