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Circles - The July Sketchbook Challenge

I have to force myself to doodle.  Most of the time I have absolutely no ideas until I start, and then I struggle to fill up a whole page.  I never feel very imaginative.

This month, The Sketchbook Challenge is Circles - any kind, any size, and in any medium.  Several nights ago, I decided to see how many different circles I could doodle.  Very quickly I realized that I might run out of ideas after getting only half the page full.  But I persisted and at the end really liked some of my final drawings. 

I should take some of the final few rows and see how I can expand on some of these circles in a new composition.  But I know that I won't.  Maybe I'll just add color to these.




Wow, I'm impressed with your circles! That takes a lot of creative skill. Note--you didn't do a peace sign in a circle, but then that's an old circle design. :-)

Way to go! I had to chuckle at your "I should" statement followed by, "but I know that I won't.". I can so relate! nancy

Very creative circles! Creativity takes work - it doesn't just magically appear, that's what I think. And your effort shows. Great result.

Enjoy those grandkids! What a great bunch of them you have!
Such happy faces!

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