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Adult Art at Battery Park City New York


Last year I learned about a free Battery Park City Parks Conservancy adult art program.  I went approximately 6 times last year between May and Oct, and this year already attended Figure al Fresco 3 times.  I bring my sketchbook, pencils etc, but they provide free art supplies and sometimes get some curious visitor to sit down and join us.  I still love sketching nude models best, but find the challenge of drawing clothed models a nice change. 

I was downtown Wednesday morning and dropped by the Elements of Nature Drawing session in Wagner Park.  This is where I painted the day liliy at our Meet-up Drawing Session several weeks ago.  This week the hibiscus were in bloom - and HUGE.  The session was almost over, but not before I painted a hibiscus.


My friend Judy (artist who sketched the figure on the Adult Art brochure) and I then walked to South Cove for figure drawing.  Here are a few of my sketches of the male model - who was wonderfully inventive in his poses.

One Minute Pose - I love these - no time to think or fuss!


Two Minute Pose


Five Minute Poses:  I think these may be my favorite pose length - not much time to think and I still am sketching when the model changes position.


This one makes me giggle.  Only when I finished it did I realize that the model was resting his elbow on his knee - thus the arrow pointing a my huge area of  "negative space."



Ten minute Pose:  The model wheeled over his bicycle, put the kickstand down, and climbed on for the 10 minute poses.  I sketched in watercolor pencil and then used a Niji waterbrush to spread some pigment. 




Shirley, it's so obvious that you've benefited from your drawings of nudes. These clothed figures are wonderful! Nice hibiscus, too. They flower so beautifully.

Every time I read one of your posts I can't help thinking how lucky you are to live where there are so many wonderful artistic opportunities. You take full advantage of them. Your drawings and sketches in this post are wonderful .. Even the 1 of the guy resting his arm in the air ... I can so relate! nancy

I always like to see what you have been doing, Shirley, but these quick poses outside I think are delightful in their ease and flow and life.

The drawings are super. Funny, I realized that I recently had a dream about a hibiscus and then I see that you've drawn one. Hummmm.
Hope to see notes from the zentangle class:)

Your figure sketches just get better & better!

Very nice drawings but is that boy is your known who poses for you

Fantastic capture on the figures :) Love the flower, looks gorgeous.

Loved the lines on these drawings..flower delicate and lovely.

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