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More from the Beach - 2012

We are still at the beach, so these sketchbook pages were photographed, not scanned. 

Clam Bar in Amagansett- We took a ride out to Montauk, the tip of the South Fork of Long Island, one afternoon, and stopped at a roadside clam bar for a snack on the way back.


A 2 pound lobster, before he was boiled for dinner.  He was frisky, so this was a very fast sketch! 


I found two different varieties of whelk shells on the beach yesterday, and had to add them to my Southampton beach collection.



Well done! The clam bar is great, the lobster looks real, and I'm always impressed by how you know the names of all the shells! Nancy

Great sketches. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself!

Nice sketches. Poor lobster - not the sketch, it's great but the poor guy ended up being dinner.

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