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More Pre - Venice Sketchbook Pages

Last summer, the Morgan Library and Museum had a great exhibit about "Lists."  I was really intrigued by a sketchbook list of one artist's packing for a trip.  You can see the watercolor page here on the museum website.

So I decided that I needed to try it - and had a great deal of fun drawing and painting the items going into my suitcase or being worn on the airplane.  I think his trip was shorter than mine.  But then again, men probably pack less than women. 

I'm always guided by my suitcase - and must fit everything I take to wear in a 24" suitcase - including my small leather backpack.  Of course my art supplies, camera, book, etc go into my small carryon.  I don't even take a separate purse - a leftover from the year we traveled back and forth to London regularly when all carry-on bags were SEVERELY limited. 




I'm going to try to post to my blog from Venice, but we still don't know whether we will have WiFi access. 


I love seeing all your pre-trip preparations, Shirley. I think you are the only person who packs as much as I do! ;) Had no idea you were off to Venice. What a shame you'll have been and gone by the time I get there this year.

Wow! I am impressed! By the drawings and paintings, but also by the fact you can pack all this in a 24" suitcase. Do you give lessons? Put me on the list! I am sure you are enjoying every minute of your fabulous trip!

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