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April Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

This week was my monthly visit to the Society of Illustrators for figure drawing.  I love the event, but can't seem to get there more than once per month.  There are 2 models and live music and a bar!  What more could I want?  More time in my life to do everything that I would like to do! 

This post will have 2 five minute, 2 ten minute, and 2 twenty minute sketches.  The black and white sketches were done with a 9B graphite pencil, the color sketches were done with watercolor pencils and then brushed with water in a Niji waterbrush.  The first 4 images were scanned.  The last two were photgraphed because of the size of the paper.

This year I read a very interesting book about figure drawing, Peter Steinhart, Undressed Art, or Why We Draw.  Although I see this book in stores, I rarely see it mentioned in art blogs.  I recommend it for anyone who is interested in drawing, especially from live models.  It is much more a historical perspective and source of inspiration, than a how-to book.









great shading and colors Shirley! :)

These are just lovely, and oh how I want to be there with you .... have I ever said anything like that to you before? lol Methinks I have! nancy

I don't know if I'd ever have the nerve to draw a live nude. I'd probably hurry through the sketching and not get anything out of it. Ah well. I really like the third one in your lineup. I could see it framed (in spite of my prudishness).

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