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Venice Sketches - 5

I am still painting from photos I took in Venice in 2002, trying to anticipate some of the travel sketches I will make on our Spring visit.

This building had a very stained wall, and beautiful flowers in a windowbox under the window.


I did this canal sketch in pencil and then used a dip pen, Winsor-Newton watersoluble brown ink, and my waterbrush.  My fear was that I could get lost trying to use traditional watercolors on all of the houses - and I was pleased that I could add color to a drawing very quickly.   



Hi, Shirley,
OOOOOO Lovely sketches and washes! From my calligraphy work, I've come to love using pens and inks, especially water-sol. inks. Great fun! Enjoy!

These are such beautiful sketches! =) Makes me want to visit Venice someday even more ^^

Lovely sketches... sorry no advice on traveling with a bottle of ink, just make sure it doesn't exceed the amt you're allowed to have. Maybe you could mail it to the hotel you'll be staying at and ask them to hold it for your arrival.

I love those flowers in the window (first drawing)!

I've traveled with bottles of ink in the past... I would put extra material between the cap and the glass / plastic threads (like a doubled piece of Saran wrap) and tighten the cap down hard. Then put the bottle into two zip lock bags...

I often put small amounts of liquids into 'found' or purchased dispenser bottles. When do you leave? If there's enough time left, I can look in my stock and see if I have anything useful!

Or you could research art shops and make a stop for your favorite ink...

I love the window sketch, the colours and textures work so well together.

Oh nice! Love the way the canal one turned out with the brown ink! Nice loose brushwork! I wonder if, with your focus on art these past years, your eye for picture-making has changed at all? Do you think you are more aware of composition now? (I noticed this in myself just recently.) Or do you think you've always been so aware of art, that you always composed your photos?

The window sketch is great, you really captured the feeling of an Italian window (from someone who lives there's point of view!)

Very nice! I love the perspective and the colors. Ink is so much fun to work with, isn't it! nancy

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