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Testing Pens

I like drawing with pen and then adding watercolor washes - meaning that I need a reliable, waterproof ink pen.  I'm not ready to try fountain pens, so I collect pens to try whenever I'm in an art supply store. 

I usually use Pigma Micron or Zig Millenium pens in 01 and 05 sizes on my Fabriano Artistico soft press paper.   In this sketch I used a Zig Millenium pen to draw my 4 new pens, and then applied watercolor several minutes later.  I made happy faces to "paint" with water for another test of the ink.

I was very surprised that my Zig millenium pen was the one that lifted the most with water.  The other 4 did reasonably well in my test.  Now I just have to remember where I bought them!  And which ones were recommended to draw over acrylic paints.



I really like this page that you've put together. Of course I'm interested in the info, but I also like the layout that you've come up with and your drawing of the pens, complete with smiley faces! Great idea to have the painted squares on the right to balance the stamped caps on the left. Very nice.

Love your sketch. My favorite journaling/ doodling pen is the Pilot Permaball. I get mine in the mixed media shop at www.scarletlime.com. The pen writes smooth and is waterproof and writes like a dream over acrylics, ink, mod podge, glass...really just about anything.

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