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Venice Sketches - 2

Here are two more sketches in preparation for our Spring trip to Venice.  They are on the accordion watercolor strip of paper that was leftover from the new "Italian Dreams" sketchbook I made for the trip. 

That sketchbook was the subject of the bookbinding tutorial that I put on this blog over the last 2 weeks.  I was thrilled when Rice Freeman-Zachary asked if she could post an interview with me on Create Mixed Media and Part 1 appeared yesterday (Friday).  Part 2 will appear on Monday. 

I hope that my enthusiasm is contagious and more artists will make their own sketchbooks.

New Venice Sketches

I combined elements from a few of my photos for this gondola/gondolier drawing:


The Basilica San Marco is an amazing building - extremely complex architecturally and a huge challenge for me to draw.  None of my photos show enough detail, but at least I can start to understand the basic structure.  This is my first attempt.


I look forward to short sketching sessions, in front of it, to sketch some of the details.  Then I can combine my preliminary sketches and try again.


Hello Shirley,
Well I'm not sure which I like the best - the watercolour or the line drawing. Both are fantastic.
Right...I'm off to read Part 1 of the interview.

I love your drawings and hope you have a lovely time in Venice, we went 2 weeks ago to Venice and I fully intended to draw all that I saw but it was massively cold and I wasn't able to draw anything. I think you will have better luck in Spring and I look forward to seeing what you draw

Hi, Shirley,
Oh, I wanna' go with you! What a wonderful trip it will be and I'm looking forward to the "on the spot" sketches, too. There is just something very gentle and peaceful about the water of Venice and the gondolas.

After reading the first part of your interview on CreateMixedMedia, I was wondering how many sketchbooks you work on at a time? Some artists say one at a time, and others have particular sketchbooks for different places or activities. Thanks!

I think of myself as having only one daily sketchbook, but that definitely isn't true. It is my primary sketchbook, the one I work in at home and the one I take with me when I am out and about in the City.

Here are other sketchbooks that I also work in regularly. I finish each one before making or getting another to work in chronologically.

1. Figure Drawing: One recycled book at a time to practice drawing body parts (at home) and one large format sketchbook to use when I go to Live Figure Drawing monthly.

2. Vacation Sketchbooks - one made for each trip and a new one made for my beach visits each summer. These are all recycled books.

3. A sketchbook for my visits to my grandchildren in DC. I plan to give this to them when I finish it because it contains lots of sketches about them and their neighborhood.

4. My folded accordion watercolor paper, which I just started for my Venice practice sketches. I will join all of them when we come home from our trip and add book covers made from the end papers of my Venice sketchbook. I've never made a slipcase and may experiment with one to put my Venice sketchbook and the accordion practice sketchbook together.

Lovely drawings. I'll be enjoying Italy again, vicariously!

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