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House of Eliott

My dear friend Bunny lent me 12 DVDs to watch the 34 episodes of the BBC program "The House of Eliott."  I'm not sure why I never knew about this series that was set in London in the 1920s.  But she knew I would love it - and was right.  The clothes from the haute couture fashion house were amazing.  I grew to love (or hate) the characters and was so sorry for it to end. 

I quickly sketched the two main characters in my sketchbook, from the opening scene on the screen, so I wouldn't forget these many enjoyable hours.  On the left is Beatrice Eliott and on the right Evangeline Eliott.  The resemblance to the actresses is only fair!



Shirley, I remember watching House of Eliott many years ago. It was marvelous, I loved the characters and the era. Thanks for the memory!

I loved that show too and was sad when it was over! You perfectly captured them!

You've captured the personality of both the characters well. A friend loaned me the series when I'd broken my ankle - loved it!

I've just started watching. Loving it!

Ahh! The House of Elliot! I remember loving that. It is all Downton Abbey over here, at the moment!
Lovely sketches and wonderful hats - you have placed them perfectly.

Love the sketches as usual =) Especially the bug(beautiful green). Now that's a very nice picture of you and Raena. I wish I could travel often and meet other EDM members too

Beautiful character sketch. Great series, I agree.

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