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Chicago Vacation

We went to a family wedding in Chicago last weekend, and all of our children and their spouses were there too.  So we managed to get one of our rare family photos: my husband and I, our 3 children and their spouses.


My husband and I lived in Chciago many years ago, and enjoyed staying a few extra days with friends.  We saw Millenium Park for the first time and enjoyed a return visit to the Art Institute.  This is a drawing of one of 3 "drinkers" of a Van Gogh painting that I had never seen.


Our friends took us to see the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Calatrava-designed Quadracci Pavillion.  It is magnificent!  Three times each day these bird-like wings open up, filling the building below with amazing light.  I drew the open wings from a photo I took while standing outside on the pedestrian bridge.



What a lovely family photo! Now tell me who is who.

Wow, Shirley, what a wonderful trip! You made good use of it!

Superb post - once again!

A family portrait to treasure! Not sure where I have been, but I really like your books as well that this post.

The Milwaukee museum looks completely amazing. Great family pic :)

Some very nice sketches, and also nice to see what you look like!

Such a beautiful family photo Shirley =) I can't remember the last time I took pictures like this with my family. I should totally make them do it when we go back next year(hopefully). Love the drawings as always. Something about VanGogh that I don't understand, but a lot of times I love what I don't understand.

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Great sketches and love the family photo. Be seeing you in November!!

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