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Winnie the Pooh's 90th Birthday

Pooh Bear was given to Christopher Robin Milne on his first birthday in 1921 and the New York Public Library celebrated his 90th birthday this past weekend.  Pooh, a gift from Harrods, was one of 5 of Christopher's stuffed toys that were used by his father A.A. Milne as the inspiration for the characters in his 4 Pooh books.  E.H. Shepherd also based his original illustrations on the toys.  The toys were given to the American publisher, E.F. Dutton, in 1947.  They in turn gave them to the New York Public Library in 1987.  This is a picture I took of Pooh Bear and Piglet on my visit Monday.


Kanga, Tigger, Piglet, Pooh, and Eeyore live in a glass case in the Children's Library in the main NYPL Library Building on 5th Ave.


I first saw these toys at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1970 and assumed they "lived" in London.  The Milne House is in London - in Chelsea, right off the King's Road.  So I was later thrilled to learn that they actually live in NYC and yesterday I went to the Library to sketch them in honor of Pooh's birthday.




Shirley, What a fantastic exhibit! It just tugged at my heartstrings. Thanks for posting the photos.

Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Hi, Shirley,
Oh, what a wonderful experience! I love the Pooh stories! I taught elementary school for 43 years and know Pooh and his friends well...also had two daughters
and a 20-old granddaughter and now a 4 year-old grandson who loved/loves Pooh!
I wish I could have joined you!
Lovely sketches!

Wow... I didn't know Pooh has such a fascinating history ^^
Beautiful pictures and the drawings are lovely!

How wonderful to see the original toys - I do envy you! And to have your own sketches from those originals too!

Oh, I love Winnie the Pooh! Lovely sketches, and great memories of some lovely stories, thanks!

great photos and drawings. the pooh books were some of the first books i read [outside of comic books]. so nice to remember them again.

I'm just in love with your rendition of Tigger! How cute!

your style is wonderful. love the work.

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