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Figure Al Fresca -2

This week my friend Pat met me for lunch and then went to the Battery Park City Summer Drawing figure drawing session.  She always worries about whether it will be too hot, but the setting is beautiful, with cross breezes from the Hudson River.  This was a great opportunity for her to figure out whether she could sketch all of the poses on her iPad - and she could!

I'm used to 2 minute warmup poses and find the ten 1 minute poses at this site a real challenge.  But I thought I should share a few.  We did 12!


The next drawings are from the 5 minute and 10 minute poses - with which I'm much more comfortable.  The model was terrific and suddenly, when you looked up, she had transitioned to a new pose effortlessly and quietly.



The two hour session ended with a 20 minute pose.  I sketched her in brown watercolor pencil and then added watercolor and watercolor washes.






Beautiful fluid lines through which I can tell you are enjoying every moment of this session.

You are able to capture an amazing amount of information in your sketches during the allotted time. Very impressive.

Always love looking at your quick and timed sketches Shirley =) It's nice to see how much details time could contribute to a piece of art.

I have been following your blog for months now. Your figure drawing skills have improved so very much. You get something of what you see of the models personality in your drawings now. That makes them lovely.

These are terrific - you have such a good way with shoulders and backs!

I agree with Alex, your work just gets better & better. The poses are really good, excellent model.

These are great Shirley, you're inspiring me to tackle life drawing (haven't done it for 20 years apart from the occasional dabble)Love them all but have great admiration for the 1 minute poses!

Looks like another wonderful al fresco experience!

Every one of these is just fantastic! I'm so jealous that you can go to all these wonderful places to draw! nancy

Your postures are very natural. 1-minute poses are challenging, I think you made good job with them.

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