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Mini-Vacation in New Hampshire

We spent 3 days on Silver Lake, near Keene NH.  The cool weather was delightful after our 3 sweltering days in New York City.  Here are two flowers drawn from the garden - and 3 sketches from a Picasso Art book that our friends had. 


From Draw With Pablo Picasso by Ana Salvador - a nice paperback that our friends purchased at the San Francisco Art Museum during the recent Picasso exhibit.  The quotes are from the book.

I keep thinking that if I copy Picasso's drawings, some of his magic with lines, may enter my DNA.  What do you think?




I don't know about DNA exchange by association, but if you decide that works I'm going to start hanging around with Angelina Jolie.

I am glad you enjoyed your time here in NH out of the city heat. I live a couple of hours from where you were. Your sketches are really good. Can't wait to see more.

Lovely sketches, and I love the quotes too. One of them reminded me of a quote I read in a book on drawing by Lucy Watson. It was said by an 8 year-old boy. When asked how he draws, he replied, 'I think, and then I draw a line round my think.'

All sketches are good, but I really love the rooster!

I like the way you are spurring yourself on to new levels of creativity. Keep that up and the muse will have to listen! I've got to try that. I love the chicken, and the way it is colored.

You ARE having fun, aren't you? SOOOO good!

I love these - they're so elegant in their simplicity. You have such great ideas about how to keep moving along with your art! nancy

Shirley, Really like the Picasso drawing and your use of color. I will look for that book and try copying some drawings. Thank you for sharing and showing the way to artistic improvement. Ambal

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