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Some Experimentation

I was fascinated with many of the images on prints in the German Expressionism Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  At each visit, I made some quick sketches of some of the figures in the prints, and this week made two of the dancers into stamps.  The first test of the stamps was made on this journal page. 


Jane Davies posted some lovely mixed-media art with gesso, acrylic paint and freezer paper resist on the Sketchbook Challenge blog.  I went to her video link on her blog and tried to duplicate it, but it failed.   My freezer paper image, an outline of 6 of us on Team 5 at an NYC scavenger hunt, didn't stick properly and paint went under the resist.  So I dried it, turned it over, and glued it down as a collage.

I definitely will try this again, and will probably use paper Frisket instead of my old freezer paper. 



Those stamps are gorgeous! As for the freezer paper: I think there is something like a removable adhesive spray (don't ask me what it's called) that you might use for something like this.

I like both these pages a lot. How did you create the yellow brackground, did you just paint it (with watercolours)? It's great that even not so succesful experiments can turn out great, and we all learn from them!

I love those lively stamps you made and such a great format. The second piece looks pretty cool to me. Did the paint creep under the stencil? Is that why you said it failed? I love all of the values there

The combination of the rubber stamps (excellent!) and the background work really well together. You do so much! Love seeing what each post will bring.

I think the freezer paper resist looks awesome! Love the stamps too. You were really able to show it as movement! Love it all!!!

love the stamps -
they have so much expressionist energy!
(do come to battery park city!)

That second piece is really interesting! I have never done the freezer paper thing (in fact, I don't know that I've every bought freezer paper, or even thought about it since I was a kid living with my parents), so I can't figure out what "went wrong." To me, it just looks like a fascinating collage!

Love these stamps!

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