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Sunday Sketchbook Pages

Our Central Park Drawing Meet-up Group met at Belvedere Castle, in the sun, on Sunday and I spent several delightful hours talking to and painting with Lillian Kennedy - a Boulder, Colorado artist.  One of her students put us in touch with each other and I was able to meet her before she began teaching students her New York City class.  She has a lovely blog and posts one video lesson per week,  Here is my Castle painting and a quick one of mini-daffodils that were blooming in the Shakespeare Garden below the Castle.




Lillian and I went into the Met to see the Cezanne Card Player exhibit after the Meet-up Drawing session ended and I sketched, and then painted another card player for my collection.  This study by Cezanne is an oil painting - and I used watercolors instead.  Since painting is not permitted in the museum (or photography in this exhibit), I used a photo from the exhibit catalogue to do the painting at home.



Shirley - Thank you for keeping me posted on your meeting with Lillian. I'm glad you two had such a great time painting together and visiting the Met. I continue to be stunned by the beauty of your drawings and paintings of everything! I looked up Belvedere Castle and am so impressed at how you captured the complexities of the architecture with such a light touch. This pervades all your sketches, a kind of softness and acuity that blend in a personal style. The card player has a Cezanne look about it, especially the color. BRAVO!

I am having a solo show of my paintings at a restaurant called Arabesque in Boulder during July and August - a first for me. The restaurant is lovely. Lillian's classes have given me the motivation and confidence to forge ahead. I am only one among many who have responded this way.

Sounds like a wonderful day, and what an amazing building!

I love the card player. There's just something about him.

I love looking at the detail in your castle -- and your use of color in the card player is inspiring!

What a wonderful day, and three special pieces to remind you of it! nancy

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