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Plein Air Painting

I don't consider myself a plein air painter because I really don't like to paint landscapes.  My sketching around the city, to me, is urban sketching - and these are two very different things in my mind.  So when Lillian Kennedy (the Boulder Colorado artist who I featured in the last blog post) invited me to sketch in Central Park, I was a little nervous.  But when she called to tell me she was at Bethesda Fountain, I decided I could draw and paint that - and already have several times.  Still, we were sitting back on the hill and I had to include more landscape than I am comfortable with.  But it was good for me! 

And we were serenaded while being blown around a bit by the wind - necessitating a walk to Pain Quotidien for hot coffee - which is actually in Central Park.  Lillian had to teach me that!


We also were in a spot that is a favorite for wedding photos and here you can see Lillian's painting, her acrylic paint set-up, and the groom adjusting the bride's dress for the photographer.




Really enjoyed your fountain! Must have spent a wonderful day in the park.

Beautiful sketch ! You did manage the "landscape" background very well !

Your fountain is very nicely done, and it was fun and quite interesting to see the acrylic setup. I have acrylics and am a bit puzzled as to how I can use them out and about. But if I were there, I would definitely have focused on the bride, perhaps with the fountain behind her! So people oriented - I was surrounded by beautiful architecture yesterday, and finally sketched an old man reading!

love the fountain. perfectly evocative
of spring.

You did a wonderful job on the fountain, and what a wonderful time you seem to have had painting with your new friend! Do you have a link to her video of the painting process?

Well, I like your fountain! You've captured a pleasant memory.

I really like this, you did a great job!

What a lovely day, Shirley!

I really like this, especially the guitarist sitting on the fountain edge. Urban sketching, even without plant life, is still plein aire as long as you do it on location, outdoors.

Beautiful painting. Looks like the perfect day to be outside!

Why don't you like to paint landscapes? I used to think they were boring and the finished paintings can be, but the process of painting or drawing of them is never boring! And what's up with people going places other than their wedding location to get photos taken? Wedding parties show up at museums and parks to take their photos all dressed up but they don't have the wedding there.

Fantastic drawing Shirley! =)

Hi Shirley...am spending some time with you this morning. Loving what I am seeing. It's extra fun after not seeing your blog for some time. Your growth is incredible. It's such a pleasure seeing your creativity and catching up on your world! Lisa

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