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Two Sketchbook Pages

I was in Washington DC this week for a meeting, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and there were pansies and daffodils seen everywhere.  I'm definitely yearning for spring! 

Here is a quick pansy sketch - which I painted with watercolor pencils.


During part of my meeting I doodled to stay focused and here are some of the images that I sketched.  The many positions of the microphones are endlessly fascinating.  I think I posted a whole page of them from this meeting last year.



I'm glad spring has arrived somewhere! Love your pansy.

I do the same thing during meetings (doodle), I like how you put together to one page.

Fun doodles and pretty pansy ..... hurry spring, here in the mitten! lol nancy

Nice sketches, and I really like the Pansies =)

Beautifully done, Shirley!

I always think I'll get to those cherry blossoms but I never manage to be there at the right time. I've heard they are amazing.

I seem to have forgotten how to doodle in my moleskine (though I do fine on post-it notes) - you've reminded me how!

Great doodles! You're right--you don't usually post them but they are great!

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