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Last Week's Field Trip With Art Buddies

I spent one day last week with my "artbuddies" Melly and Pat - lunch followed by the Morgan Museum, then supper, and then a lecture at the Textile Study Group of NY by Holly Heller.  Since we share interests in sketching/visual journals as well as art quilts, I knew that we would be sketching and I wanted to have my hands free.  I have a very small leather backpack for 1-2 hours of sketching, but such a long day required more stuff.  So I made, and wore, my new very light weight, silver, drawstring backpack and it was perfect for wallet, keys, comb, lipstick, kleenex, Metrocard, mini-umbrella, sketchbook, pencil case, small watercolor palette, etc.


I drew a grid and sketched/painted my lunch while waiting for Melly and Pat - then we spent the afternoon looking at the 4 exhibits in the Morgan Museum (home of J.P.Morgan).  We were primarily interested in the drawings of Lichtenstein and Degas, thus the other two sketches in the grid.  I continually read and hear about Benday Dots when viewing work by Lichtenstein and we had a great time imagining the origin of the word.  I was surprised to later learn from a Google search that the name comes from the first use of dots in newspapers, by Benjamin Day.  It was a good way to add color without adding lots of ink to newsprint.


At the end of the afternoon, we went back to the Degas exhibit and sketched our favorite drawings - and looked more at his sketchbooks (which are online).  I'm always optimistic that copying a favorite master may put some of their technique into my muscle memory - how I wish.  I love ballet and always loved Degas' dancers - especially the series of bronze sculptures owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Therefore, my favorite drawing was actually 3 drawings, from different angles, of the 14 year old model used for his most famous ballet sculpture (Dancer of 14 Years).


I hope that you'll look at the links to the exhibits if you won't be in NYC anytime soon.  Next - we need to go see the Spanish Drawings at The Frick!


Thank you so much for the link to Degas' sketchbook - he's one of my favourite artists, and i've spent hapy times looking at the sculpture of the 14 year old Ballerina - it's in the Tate in London!

Itt looks like you had really productive day sketching and you really captured the little ballerina well. nice bag too!

you're all over the place seeing great art. I'm jealous!!!!!

Now Shirley, Here I am trying to get ready for my two week stay in Ohio and you come up with your blog that DEMANDS my attention to your work as well as the many other creative sites that you reference. What glorious inspiration! In my dreams I'll be able to post the results of our Whisper Challenge before I go.

Beautiful sketches, love your silver backpack too! The food looks delicious, makes me hungry, and the ballet dancer is as graceful as can be!

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