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Every Family Needs a Baby

I periodically post a photo of our grandchildren on this blog - which is otherwise reserved for art on paper and fabric.  Today is such a day.  We have 6 grandchildren and our baby turned 1 last Tuesday! 

We took care of him every Thursday last year (and picked his big brother up from prechool mid-day) and rejoiced over every milestone of development.  He is a child who continually smiles and he now stands and takes several steps at a time.  This photo was taken Sunday morning after he slept over at our apartment.  My husband and I took him to the Central Park Zoo for the first time. 




What a beautiful child, not really a baby anymore! But I guess he'll always be your baby. I can tell how much you enjoy your grandkids and I'm sure it's mutual!

He's a precious!! =)

Dear Dr. Levin:
I was a student of yours at Einstein (originally class of 2010, now 2011 for an extra MPH last year at Hopkins). You showed me your website when I came to visit you at the office. Hope all is well! Loving your water-colors and your unique style!

Hi Shirley, Great photo; that's quite the cute expression! He looks like a happy child!
I enjoyed scrolling through and looking at your recent work; wonderful!

How precious, it does not seem possible it was a year ago you headed to England for her early arrival!! Such blessings.
ps love your negative space work - quite interesting and certainly forces a different approach.

What an angel! Love your watercolor posting. I'll have to try that. It looks like fun.

Great results from the exercises Shirley.

Thanks for stopping by earlier.

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