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Carla Sonheim Drawing Labs

Lab 16 in Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab book is to draw !00 Faces.  I cut 20 pieces of watercolor paper and packaged them with a pencil, eraser, pen, and 7 watercolor pencils - and now keep it with me when I leave the apartment.  Here are 4 sketches done on the uptown-downtown buses.  I haven't drawn strangers from such close proximity before and it was fun.  These are clearly faces, not portraits!


I'm interested to see the way these 100 face drawings will evolve.  The only rule I have is to carry my pouch with me when I leave the apartment and to number them sequentially as Sonheim suggests.

I am currently finished with Lab 26 in the book and ready to move on.  Here is my One-Eyed Monster.  I used a sheet of paper, quickly drew 3 monsters, and then selected one to redraw in my watercolor sketchbook.  Since I started drawing again in 2003, then daily in 2006, I have drawn from models-objects-scenes of some kind - including photos and paintings and drawings from Master Artists.  This is the first time that I am exercising my imagination completely and it is great fun and as I've said before, a wonderful way to loosen up,   



What a great idea, Shirley! Can't wait to see all of them...these are very cool.

I love this project! How brave of you to sketch people on the subway from close proximity! And I do like your one-eyed monster. I'm seeing lots of good work coming from this book! I look forward to seeing more faces from you!

Really cool faces! My favorite is the lovely woman in the lower left. I also like that bit of color that you added to everone. Makes a great difference! It's certainly interesting to see something evolve over 100 "versions". Looking forward to the rest of them!
Your monster is wonderful too. Just not too scary I'd say ;)

Looking at your great drawings here, I'm really thinking of getting the Drawing Lab book too. It does seem like a lot of fun!

Great faces! I bet you'll see a lot of difference when you compare the first and the last one of your collection !

I am looking forward to seeing more of your faces. You are doing a great job with this book.

Ha! Funny monster!

100 faces - that's quite a project, but you're off to a great start. Well done.

The faces each have their own personality. The one-eyed monster is feminine!

The one eyed monster sure looks fun! =) I haven't drawn any monsters for a while, maybe I'd want to do one later. Love the faces too Shirley ^^

Wonderful! I look forward to seeing #100 in the portraits! I wonder how much you will have changed by then!

I love your One Eyed Monster---one of a kind and a friendly looking gal in soft cool colors...

Love your one-eyed monster. Your faces are interesting which is what they should be right? I really like the sassy lady!

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