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Journal Study Group

I belong to a small group that meets monthly to explore sketchbook art.  Four of us are quilters and maintain artists' journals.  Two keep sketchbooks and also do larger paintings.  In addition, there is a strong interest in bookbinding shared by many of us.  This week Gwen Diehn joined us and shared several of her amazing hand bound artist journals and books. 

During the afternoon we made personal stamps from fun foam and used them to create a small, folded artist book and envelope.  I selected three images of a pregnant model from my figure drawing session to use for my stamps.

Here is the front (left) and back (right) of my book envelope:


This is the front (right) and back (left) cover of the book (book size: 2 3/4" wide and 4 1/8 " high):


Book Pages 1-6:




We were having fun and working fast.  I'm only learning the intricasies of stamp pads and ink, so mine are a bit messy.  But I loved this model and I hope my passion for the project stands out! 


Wow, your stamps are just wonderful, and the journal & envelope are just amazing! What fun you must have had. nancy

Hey Shirley - I clicked on the link for Gwen - did you see the prices for The Decorated Page? What's up with that? Does this mean I have a treasure (in more ways than one) on my bookshelf?
It's incredible how much movement you got by combining those stamps. I really like looking at the pages.

Those are wonderful. Like a Greek frieze. I REALLY must investigte to see if this fun foam is available here.
Half your luck to have Gwen Diehn there!

Wow! I love these pages! How did you make the stamps from your own drawings???? The messiness does not detract one bit...I think it enhances the look! Superbly done and wonderful ideas!

What a beautiful book, your stampings are stunning, I just love them.
Yesterday I went to buy a new sketchbook and kept thinking of all these beautiful handmade books!

Oh yes, it does stand out - a wonderful image and a wonderful book!

these are really great and i love the color palette!

Awesome! Makes we want to make some stamps too!

Stunning work, brilliant designs. I see some Matisse influence in some of them. It's so neat that Gwen came to your journal group meeting. I adore her books and am so glad you recommended them to me. I keep them on my bedside table for the nights when I'm too tired or stressed to read literature and just look at the pictures for inspiration. The texts of course are great too. I loved her suggestion for making stamps from corks and when I passed by a wine shop with a window display of thousands of corks I asked if I could take a few. They gave me a big brown bag and told me take all I wanted. Soon I will get around to carving some stamps from them and learning about stamping too.

I'm blown away by the beauty of your pregnant woman design, Shirley. Jana hit the nail on the head with 'stunning'. This is a motif you can repeat endlessly with such beautiful results. LOVE IT!

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