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Visit with Annabelle

We were in Washington DC over the holiday weekend visiting our grand daughter Annabelle.  When she was born, I decided to keep a separate watercolor journal just for my daily sketches during the days I was visiting her. 

This journal page shows the helicopter magnetic puzzle - the smallest Christmas present that we brought in her big, full Christmas gift bag and a window seat that houses her toys in a group of storage baskets.


Some of Annabelle's clothes that I wanted to remember - and her special infant backpack - that she put on and took off repeatedly over the weekend.


On Sunday morning we went to the Air and Space Museum at Dulles - an amazing place with an incredible number of planes, helicopters, missiles, and space vehicles.  Annabelle loves to run through the gigantic hangar, so this sketch was done from a photo that I took as we ran with her.


On Monday morning we took the Metro to the Commerce Dept - and the National Aquarium.  It is a lovely, small collection of tanks - and I was captivated by the seahorses.  Their tails were so much longer than I had imagined and were wrapped around the tank plant holding them all in position.  Annabelle wasn't nearly as interested in fish as she was in airplanes!



Fabulous pages and such precious memories!

Thanks for your tip on my blog about my hand made journal. I did see where you covered the gaps between the stitched pages and think I know how you did that. It doesn't bother me too much - yet. The journal I made for class I had stitched a little too tightly and the book didn't want to lay closed. I guess I over compensated this time with too loose stitches :-)

Oh my goodness, Shirley, you win the Grandma of the Year award! What a beautiful idea and keepsake for Annabelle! And what a clever idea to sketch your favorite things of hers. She sounds like a total girl - multiple outfits in a day!

That journal is going to be such a treasure.

I am totally drawn to the plane and the sea horse you drew... they are EXCELLENT! The perspective of the plane just seems so majestic, it's just so well done. I like the liveliness of the sea horse too..and the colors of everything you drew are simply awesome!

This is an amazing sketchbook! What a treasure! I was going to say the airplane was my favorite, but then I started arguing with myself: no the shoes, no the backpack, no the desk!


Your sketchbook for Annabelle was such a great idea. All of the sketches are wonderful and a terrific way to savor the memories you made together.

A wonderful personal record for everyone of your visits . I hope that it is something that you continue to do for along time. Your drawings are so light and whimsical

What a sweet remembrance of a wonderful trip. I really like the little painting of her shoes. nancy

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