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Daily Journal Pages

I try to sketch in my journal daily and love documenting some aspect of my day in my sketchbook, although some days I have nothing much happening and just sketch for practice.  Here are a few of my recent pages, as I try to vary the compositions.

Making a Few More Magnetic Bookmarks from Watercolor Paper - and writing extensively about the project on the page:


Houston Intercontinental Airport:  A requisite airport journal page, at the end of my recent trip to Quilt Festival in Houston.  I was afraid that this airport cart driver would return before I finished the sketch, so I worked REALLY FAST.


An Afternoon Recycling Old Books with Watercolor Paper:


I was teaching an afternoon workshop to 3 of my art buddies using the method outlined here, and we all finished one book over the course of 3+ hours.


Shirley, I love your journal page for the magnetic book marks. I think the magnetic ones are the best bookmarks of all (and I collect bookmarks, so I speak from experience). I made some to give as stocking stuffers for Christmas last year, and of course to keep for myself. I didn't know you could get adhesive magnets. Thanks for the tip, I'll be looking out for them.

Your drawings are beautiful as always! It's always nice to use sketches to record things, and somehow I think it helps us to remember things better too. Fantastic work on the Houston airport, and I believe your quick-sketch training had come in handy ^^

Interesting series! Thanks for sharing, I like the magentic bookmark idea.

Greetings from Italy!
Tiles in Positano! Weren't they lovely? And what a creative idea to use in bookmarks. (We leave for the long flight home in the morning after a wonderful month here.)

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