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Sketchcrawl At the Met

Jane, Kathleen, Peg and I were supposed to meet at the Central Park Zoo but torrential rains forced us inside.  I started in the Greek and Roman galleries at the Met and sketched this statue from the bench conveniently placed behind it.



 I then wanted a modern counterpart on the facing page and remembered one of the "Grunge designs" in the 1990s Gallery of the exhibit "The Model as Muse."  She had the same "flippy" skirt in the modern version.


Both of these pages were done in watercolor pencils. 

Peg and Kathleen sketched in the Oceanic Galleries while Jane and I went to the Fashion exhibit and then we met in the Petrie Sculpture Court to talk and exchange sketchbooks.  I'm enjoying getting to know these art buddies that I met in Danny Gregory's Visual Journaling class last Fall.  Hopefully next month we will get to the Zoo.


I love the similarity and the difference of these two. What a great duo! Their poses are so close as well as clothes. This must have been fun.

Fabulous drawings with lovely loose lines. I really like the movement and delicacy you have captured in the statue. It is great fun to draw with others isn't it? I have just spent the day at a musuem with two others and we had a good time drawing and produced a few works

It sounds like you all had a good time. I'm in awe of your ability to sketch quickly and so nicely too! Love the use of color. Time for me to pull out the WC pencils again and get moving!!

Love the shadings and control of lighting. :) Great sketches as always!

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