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Recent Sketchbook Pages

I was invited to hand applique a subway mosaic square for the 2011 Raffle Quilt for the Empire Quilt Guild in Manhattan.  I chose a photo that I really liked only to find out that it was a mosaic of King's College which later became Columbia University.  We are a Columbia family - with 6 undergraduate and graduate degrees among my husband and children.  I went down to the Chambers Street IRT station to see and photograph these old platform mosaics and then sketched and painted one as I planned my quilt applique square.



My husband and I went to the James Ensor exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday.  I knew very little about the artist, and enjoyed seeing his paintings.  But of course his sketchbook and drawings were the highlight for me.  Since the sun was out, and we were so tired of daily rain, we sat in the Sculpture Garden where I sketched Picasso's She Goat and my husband did the Saturday NY Times crossword puzzle.


Today I retired, almost exactly 40 years after I graduated from medical school.  During that time I worked at the University of Chicago, The University of California at San Diego, The University of Texas in San Antonio, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  In those 40 years, the number of women increased from <10% of each medical school class to slightly more than 50% of each class.  There was no day care when my first child was born, and 3 year olds were only "supposed" to be away from their mothers and in nursery school two mornings each week.  I loved my career, but my greatest joy was my 3 children and now my grandchildren.  I feel fortunate that I have so many active interests that I will never be bored.  I sketched my work suit from today to my bathing suit for the beach on Thursday!




Hi Shirley,

I have really enjoyed looking at your art. I would like use watercolors on some of my sketches. I am extremely new to drawing. What paper type or journal do you prefer when you sketch and add color?

Thank you.

Shirley - Hooray and congratulations on your retirement . Your sketch is a great commemeration/celebration of this day and the things that it means to you. I look forward to sketches from the beach when you return. Enjoy your holiday.

By the way - the goat sculpture painitng is really good -it looks like you did it in just a few minutes and splashes of paint. Although looking as though it was easy to do is often the sign that it took a long time in planning or execution.

Shirley, I am so pleased for you! I retired about eighteen months ago and life has never felt so good! congratulations and enjoy!

Ah retirement, a wonderful opportunity to try new things. I enjoyed this post. It reminded me that as time passes, some things change for the better.


Congratulations, Shirley, on your retirement from what sounds like a fabulous career! Here's to the next steps in a life well-lived.

Yay for retirement!!! Have loads of fun and please spare a thought for all the poor souls who still have to go to work everyday;) Love all your drawings, really beautiful!!

How wonderful Shirley on all counts, a new stage indeed and a Glorious one with grands to enjoy and fiber to quilt and sketches to sketch - What wonderful tribute to it all here!! Bravo and ENJOY!!

These are lovely Shirley! I especially like that mosaic square.

Michel wants to add his good wishes to mine - happy retirement! I hope you're enjoying your time at the beach right now, and like all of your fans, I'm looking forward to following your adventures, and to seeing you next time I get to New York.

Retirement! Wow! I wish you much joy and adventure on this new journey. I know I'll be following along as well : seeing your world through your sketches!

I really liked this page - its color, its style, its meaning.

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