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Every Day in May - 9

85219984@N00.jpg  My Feet

I'm delighted to put away my winter tights and heels and pull out my sandals - finally.  Katherine Tyrrell reviewed Bert Dodson's book the Keys to Drawing, and I thought that it looked the perfect project-oriented art book for me to study this Spring.  I have his book Keys to Drawing with Imagination too, but that one has never looked as interesting to me.

Dodson's Project 1A is to draw your feet, something which I have done several times before.  I wasn't supposed to paint them, but couldn't resist.  I also wanted to document the nail polish - last week I was the only one walking in my neighborhood, in sandals, without a fresh pedicure.




Nice drawing! ^^

Hurray for sandals - a sure sign of Summer. And you even have tasteful nail varnish on too...

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