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Every Day in May - 10


After a week of rain, the sun was glorious and Central Park was full.  We took a long walk through the Ramble to Bethesda Fountain with visiting friends and on the way saw several geese near the edge of the Lake.  For Mother's Day, two of my children, their spouses, and four of my grandchildren had a picnic on the Great Lawn.  Life is good.




Love the shades of gray and brown. It's always so nice to see drawings done on animals, and I was always looking for ducks in this little man-made pond near my apartment, and usually they are in a pair of female and male. One day I saw a pair of males so I was like o__O
:)Great journalism!

I like the feeling of pattern and repetition and your very nice use of subtle colors and delicate watercolor washes. It does sound like an ideal Mothers Day. The weather was lovely here today as well. Spring is a treat every day!

Lovely - so delicate and i love the muted colours.

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